3V Vouchers

3V Vouchers have a 3V Activation Code printed on them. Once you enter the Activation Code on this site, you will be able to view your Visa number and security details (expiry date and CVV2 number).

The security details for your Visa number will also be sent to your email address.

Visa numbers from 3V Vouchers have a life of 2-3 months, and funds can be transferred to other 3V Visa Numbers or redeemed to your bank account.

3V Vouchers are issued from PayPoint terminals in thousands of stores across the UK.

3V Vouchers are a new product for PayPoint; the store associate will find the voucher under 'Cash Vouchers & e-Money' on the terminal.

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My 3V Account

Once you have activated and accessed your 3V Visa Number you are ready to shop. You will also have a personal 3V Account where you will be able to view your Visa number(s) and security details, keep track of your online purchases, check your balances, transfer funds from one 3V Visa Number to another or to your bank account, and manage your personal information and preferences.

How much does it cost?

3V Vouchers carry a small surcharge based on the value you purchase. The surcharges are set out below. 3V does not charge extra transaction fees on the purchases made with a 3V Visa Number.

3V Voucher Value






Transaction Fees



For other fees and charges that may apply and for usage restrictions, please see the Help section.

Terms and Conditions


To view your 3V Visa Number enter
your 19-digit Activation Code below

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