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3V deliver prepaid, short-term disposable Visa numbers for safe and easy online shopping.

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What is 3V?

3V is the easy way to get a prepaid Visa number for online shopping. All you need to do is purchase a 3V Activation Code to the value you want and then enter it on this site to view your unique 3V Prepaid Visa Number. You can then use this Visa number to make purchases anywhere online that accepts Visa. It's that simple.

Why is 3V for me?

3V Prepaid Visa Numbers

  • are quick and easy

  • have no interest charges

  • have no credit checks

  • allow you to shop anywhere online that accepts Visa

  • without giving out your personal financial details

Anyone aged over 16 years with an email address and use of a mobile phone can use 3V by purchasing a 3V Activation Code.

3V Activation Codes appear on 3V Vouchers and 3V Gift Cards. If you already have an Activation Code from one of these products, enter it in the box to the right to access your unique Visa number.


To view your 3V Visa Number enter
your 19-digit Activation Code below

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